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UNITN  International Conference on Service Oriented Computing  Keynote speakers

UNITN - International Conference on Service Oriented Computing
Keynote speakers
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Peter Diry - European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Tuesday 16.12.2003 9:30--10:30

Title: Towards software enabled service economies
Abstract: Starting from the situation of software and service technologies in Europe and a possible European RTD strategy in this area, the talk will address some of the challenges and characteristics of future successful services.
Biography: After having worked in IT industry for 13 years, Peter Diry joined the European Commission in 1997 as a scientific officer in the IST program, where he is currently responsible for service related aspects of software technologies and distributed systems.
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Bertrand Meyer - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and Eiffel Software, Switzerland
Wednesday 17.12.2003 17:30--18:30 Cantine Ferrari

Title: Contracts and concurrency for Web services
Abstract: Web services offer the an attractive prospect of turning the World-Wide Web into the computing and service platform of the future. In spite of all the excitement around this notion, little is known about the appropriate techniques for programming Web service applications; the usual issues of concurrency and, more generally, software engineering still arise, only magnified by the scale of the resources involved. This talk analyzes some of the principal problems of Web service programming and presents elements of a concerted solution, based on Web standards (WSDL, SOAP), Design by Contract as present in Eiffel, and the SCOOP concurrency mechanism.
Biography: Bertrand Meyer is Professor of Software Engineering at ETH Zürich, founder of Eiffel Software, and adjunct professor at Monash University. His books include "Object-Oriented Software Construction", "Reusable Software", "Introduction to the Theory of Programming Languages" and "Eiffel: The Language".
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Frank Leymann - IBM Software Group, Germany
Thursday 18.12.2003 9:30--10:30

Title: Jump Onto The Bus: A Guided Tour To The WS-* Landscape
Web Services: Distributed Applications without Limits
Abstract: We will take a look at the plethora of proposed standards for Web service technology. By adopting the guiding principle that providing a platform for loosely coupled distributed applications is the ultimate goal we show how (most of) these standars fit together.
Biography: Dr. Leymann is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He is the chief architect of IBM's workflow technology, and a member of the IBM Application Integration Middleware (AIM) Architecture Board that sets the overall direction of IBM's middleware. He has worked on database systems, database tools, and transaction processing. Dr. Leymann has published many papers in various journals and conference proceedings, filed a multitude of patents, and is the coauthor of textbooks on repositories and workflow systems. He served on program committees and organization committees for many international conferences and is editor of the journal of the database management system special interest group of the German computer society Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI).